Live.Online Statistics – Associate for Teams and Tournaments


The extensive sports statistic and players management “Live.Online Statistics” (LOS) is a modular system for professional game administration of tournaments and leagues in various types of sport. LOS eases recurring administration routines and increases the quality of analysis dramatically.

The statistic system was specially developed for organizers and managers of tournaments and leagues. Due to single modules LOS can be customized to special demands perfectly. It generates an automatic presentation of all results and statistics on every required web platform. Additionally you can use all statistical elements separately or even implement then on various web sites.

Why should I choose Live.Online Statistics?

70% reduction of administrative expense
L.O.S. causes a most extensive automation of recurring processes and optimises their processing time considerably. Thanks to flexibly definable analysis (for example for web, print and television) there is no manual postprocessing or arranging necessary.
'Ready-2-play' tournament packages
Hockeydata offers special tournament packages for every level, no matter if you are an amateur or a professional. These packages distinguish themselves by quick provision (24 h) and a low operating expense – only a computer with internet access is required to administer a whole tournament. All analysis and statistics are available online after the end of the tournament.
A variety of sports and game modes
L.O.S. enables the visualization of every kind of sport or sport modus because of an integrated “modular construction system”. By the help of this system you can set up groups, series, bonus points, game time, relegation zone, etc. for each game and each group individually.