LOS Management – the intelligent Sports-DB

LOS Management

LOS Management represents the core of Live.Online Statistics and assumes the main duty of managing the intelligent sports database. With help of the flexible system kit you can portray any game mode flexibly, which represents all requirements of each league or association structures by various security levels.

The advantages of LOS Management

Easy data acquisition and professional analysis
L.O.S. offers full electronic data input via an easy-to-use computer program that supports different international game report styles as well as parallel input terminals. All data is converted into detailed score sheets and reports complying with international standards.
Easy website-integration
L.O.S. enables easy integration of all generated results and scores into your website. You enjoy the benefits of combining our self-updating elements with your ads and sponsoring logos for an always up-to-date website.
Open interface technology
All L.O.S. generated data can be accessed via an easy-to-access and always available interface. This allows media partners to integrate real-time statistics into their own applications and broadcasts with minimal expenditure of work.
Multilingual operation
hockeydata takes care of regional and international differences by supporting the local variants of game reports and score sheets. We regard the capability of multilingual results and score sheets as a matter of course.