Live.Screen Systems – Associate for Venues


You are looking for a scoreboard with multimedia features or an information terminal for your VIP room? hockeydata supplies the perfect and individually customized solution to visualize all relevant game data or screening of adverts.

Why should I choose Live.Screen Systems?

Free hardware selection
data:board supports all VGA/DVI/HDMI compatible display systems like videobeamers, LED-Walls, reverse projection systems, flatscreens, etc. This enables you to choose the display hardware that exactly fits your needs.
Free configuration and customization
The data:board surface can be customized to your liking and supports multiple designs for rink operators, teams, events, etc. which can be switched dynamically.
Top-notch usability
Intuitive handling and logical user-interfaces allow easy operation even in complicated game situations. Besides the built-in support for various sport types, the user-interface can even be customized for personal needs.
data:board’s high brand awareness and customizability allow you to generate a return-on-investment. This way you can lower your initial outlay and reduce your operational costs.