Live.Sport Solutions – Associate for Television


hockeydata offers in cooperation with “Pace Media Technology” a package solution for live sport broadcasting. This solution comprises a unique combination of editorial-, graphic- and data gathering systems. By it we focus on the capturing and portraying of sports-relevant statistics, live data and graphical overlays.
The huge advantage of “Live.Sport Solutions” by hockeydata is the web-based editorial system which enables editors and programme responsible people team-oriented and flexible work. All required graphic elements can be created and tested BEFORE every production or subsequently stored, reused or adapted for following productions. Each single graphic element is equipped with clearly structured and unequivocal markers to make regaining as quick and easy as possible – even for several productions.

Why choosing Live.Sport Solutions?

Direct interaction of graphical and statistical systems
By a linkage to hockeydata’s system „Live.Online Statistics“ you can add all statistical results to the graphic templates directly via drag and drop. This makes the creation of graphic templates simpler, quicker and also less prone to errors – typing mistakes belong to the past!
Improved programme preperation
The web based surface is already adapted to the look&feel of the various graphic elements so the editor can easily convert editorial inputs into different graphical variations and create an even better and more varied programming rundown. There is no need for the editor to worry about the graphical style guidelines – these are automatically integrated into each graphic element.
All information is live and directly available for editors and fans
It is vital for editors to have all necessary information available immediately – especially during the mad rush of a live production. The intelligent visualization system which is integrated into “Recon” offers appropriate and clearly structured information screen to each customer. On this screens everyone can find the relevant insights that are required. This feature includes the casual website visiting fan as well who gets informed about all live scores and statistics.