onAir Editorial System – editing at ease


Modern sports television is built on dynamics – especially concerning the visualization of current live statistics. The web-based onAir interface enables the responsible editor a graphical processing and transferring of preparation work. This makes the run down even more event oriented and efficient. Our onAir editorial system supports you with a number of service functions whereby also complex elements can be supplied directly from the data base. Time-consuming orders from the graphic department have been dropped. Because of the extensive layout and style library all generated elements tally exactly with the graphical guidelines.

This is what onAir editorial system sets out in detail:

The advantages of onAir Editorial System

Direct interaction of the graphical and statistical system
By a linkage to hockeydata’s system „Live.Online Statistics“ you can add all statistical results to the graphic templates directly via drag&drop. This makes the creation of graphic templates simpler, quicker and also less prone to errors – typing mistakes belong to the past!
Improved programme preparation
The web based surface is already adapted to the look&feel of the various graphic elements so the editor can easily convert editorial inputs into different graphical variations and create an even better and more varied programming rundown. There is no need for the editor to worry about the graphical style guidelines – these are automatically integrated into each graphic element.
Growing system
By flexible security levels and various access authorization it is smoothly possible to plan and edit programs by teamwork. Thanks to intelligent tagging functions all content which is delivered by each user is also available and easy to find for all other users. In this way the system grows with every new entry during the productions. It becomes an extensive collection of graphical and editorial elements.