RECON Sports Data Gathering Software – live analyzing at its best

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Show right away what happens live! This advantage offers our RECON Sports Data Gathering software. All data, which is recorded by every single stats keeper, is directly analysed during the entry and translated into automatically air-ready graphic templates. RECON Sports Data Gathering software consists of individual modules which adjust to editorial and sports specific demands with ease. With its help you can put live data “on air” faultlessly and in as yet unequalled speed – without any additional control or editorial revising.

RECON Sports Data Gathering stands out due the following details:

The advantages of RECON Sports Data Gathering Software

Data gathering in top quality
With its module structure the RECON Sports Data Gathering system adapts to all conditions of the respective sports event or editorial requirements. This makes it possible to record live data on international top level.
Directly generated graphics from recorded data
With RECON the process of data gathering is not an area isolated from other fields of work. All stats keepers become automatically a kind of graphical editor because the recorded data is automatically written into graphic templates. So TV graphics are ready to broadcast in real time!
All information is live and directly available for editors and fans
It is vital for editors to have all necessary information available immediately – especially during the mad rush of a live production. The intelligent visualization system which is integrated into “Recon” offers appropriate and clearly structured information screen to each customer. On this screens everyone can find the relevant insights that are required. This feature includes the casual website visiting fan as well who gets informed about all live scores and statistics.