Dynamic creating and editing of graphics

All graphic elements which might be called into action during the programme can be created and edited dynamically. Due to the intelligent organisation by different programming schedules all members of the editorial staff can easily find the graphic elements.

Likewise you can also file graphics separately which are just needed in certain game situations (such as overtime, championships won, 100 career goals and much more).  This system provides a maximum of clearness for every conceivable course of programme.

Adding and editing of these elements is possible at any time – even during live operating. The direct connection to hockeydata’s system Live.Online Statistics supports the editor all the time. All values can be inserted easily by drag and drop.

By an integrated “Wording-Recorder” the system is also adaptive and can assign statistical values and information to the correct wording immediately during the process of adding into the graphic template. In this way even complex graphics can be created in just a second!