Great news for all users of our „myTeam“ registration system:
We have added a new module to handle the rescheduling/postponement of games including an invitation system for the away team for all upcoming games.

This feature allows all teams to access and maniplulate the LOS game schedules directly in myTeam. Using an intutive workflow, you can send a change request to your opponent which can confirm, edit or deny the request with a few mouse clicks. If both teams have reached mutual agreement about the new date, the request is automatically forwarded to league officials, who can agree or reject the proposal. When the league agrees, the game will be automatically updated in LOS and all stats widgets and, as an additional bonus, a list of relevant e-mail recipients (like referees, media, venue managers, security staff, ambulance,…) will get an automatic message with all necessary information.

In addition, the home team can send the away team a predefined „game invitation form“ which contains vital information about the upcoming game like bus parking area, accreditiation, jersey colors,  board and lodgings, exact warm-up and training procedures and so on…

With every step a PDF file will be created automatically, thus reducing a significant portion of the team managers workload.