Sport clock ``Basic``

Goals, game time, period, time out, team names, basic customizing for colours and background.

The period time and the setting, whether the clock counts in ascending or descending order can be customized.

Sport clock ``Plus``

This module includes all features of sports clock basic plus sport-specific demands such as penalty settings, shootout module, team logos, horn signals, goal anthem and much more.

Multimedia module „Visual & Slide“

  • video advertising module
    (half screen on scoreboard | full screen | separate screen)
  • Picture advertising module
    (half screen on scoreboard | full screen | separate screen)
  • line-up module including player’s pictures
  • penalty module including visualized penalty offence
  • Extensions or further modules on request

  • Free hardware selection
    data:board supports all VGA/DVI/HDMI/Display port compatible display systems like video projectors, LED walls, reverse projection systems, flat screens, etc. This enables you to choose the display hardware which exactly fits your needs.


  • Any number of displays
    data:board provides the clock signal as network compatible stream which can be distributed on any number of screens. Have you ever thought of displaying the game clock in your VIP club, the locker room, the referee’s dressing room or your cafeteria?


  • High advertising effect
    data:board offers the ability to integrate multimedia advertisements directly on any scoreboard display. Compared to classic billboard advertising your sponsors will profit from a raise in the degree of brand awareness.


  • Free configuration and customization
    The data:board surface can be customized to your liking and supports multiple designs for rink operators, teams, events, etc. which can be switched dynamically.


  • Return-on-Investment
    data:board’s high brand awareness and customizability allow you to generate a return-on-investment. This way you can lower your initial outlay and reduce your operational costs.


  • Increased field of application
    data:board’s capabilities are not limited to the support of sport events but can be used as a display system for concerts, cinema, disco, congresses and other events as well.


  • Top-notch usability
    Intuitive handling and logical user-interfaces allow easy operation even in complicated game situations. Besides the built-in support for various sport types, even the user-interface can be customized for personal needs.


  • Long life span
    Sign up with our powerful service and support packages to keep your data:board always up-to-date. You can expand and enhance its capabilities with new modules and features at any time.


  • Optimization of game operations
    Automated functions such as virtual stadion announcer (text to speech) and messaging services make the progress of game operations much easier.

  • Full support of any displays (LED, multi-screen, projectors, etc.)
  • Modular system for flexible and affordable solutions
  • Flexible split screen
  • Freely selectable sirens, goal horns and anthems
  • Support of team logos
  • Software upgrades at any time
  • Documented and integrated data interface for various external systems
  • Input via common notebook for an easy and intuitive handling

data:board uses a Windows compatible notebook as a basic device. In this way you can easily configure the access to the software or switch to a spare device.

You need a corresponding video output to connect to your display system (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, …) and an audio output to activate the sound system of your venue. This gives you the possibility to let anthems or goal horns play automatically.

  • data:board provides a documented and network compatible data interface for a linkage to various external systems such as further displaying systems, timing systems for intermission entertainment or even an outside broadcasting van for the automatic display of the game time during a tv production.
  • Moreover you can link data:board to all other hockeydata-systems for displaying results of other games, rosters or standings automatically.