Team and player management

The „myTeam“ portal is available online at all times and offers all clubs the possibility to gather the own club structure with all necessary data and to register for a league or a tournament. As an additional benefit the respective clubs have always full access to their collected player and team data and can comfortably edit and use the data for any further registration processes.

As seen from the perspective of the organizer (e.g. of a federation or tournament) the workload of entering and managing data is allocated to several positions. With the help of freely configurable input masks and required fields it is possible for clubs to manage tasks and keep data up to date on their own. In this way the data is not only entered faster, but also more accurate.

Registration management

The registration management consists of a variety of complex processes,, after all this data is the base for the participation in a tournament or league and the pursuant fee charging. A system of that kind is supposed to ensure a complete and gapless documentation of all processes over several years and seasons. At the same time national and international specifications must be complied with and moreover all data needs to be treated as confidential by observing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

„myTeam” offers a complete club and player management including a registration system and supports all kinds of player licenses and transfer card systems. All data is saved appropriately protected and encrypted. You may only access and/or edit the data with a conforming access.

National team module

This module provides an extensive support for the management of specific competitions to which only selected players are invited explicitly. Whether national or “All Star“ team – with the help of “myTeam” you can easily create such events and invite certain players to it. Besides the invitation the players receive additionally the option to quote event specific data: this includes basic data, specific equipment details (e.g. helmet size) and, depending on the system settings, also sensitive data such as required medication or food intolerances. In addition, the players receive a certificate of participation as a download, which can be used as application for exemption in schools or universities.

The national team module lets you handle the organization of specific events for national and selected teams more efficient and timesaving.

Game invitation and postponement module

If “myTeam“ is additionally connected to the statistic system (LOS) by hockeydata the clubs can contact other teams in the web browser directly to e.g. suggest the postponement of a game. The opposing team can agree with the postponement, suggest another date or decline. For each option it is possible to state a reason. When both teams agree to the suggested new date for the game, the league gets informed about the new date and can approve or decline the postponement. In case of an approval the new game date is automatically updated in the statistic system and on request all further positions such as security, police, media and referees get a notification about the postponement via e-mail.

  • Efficient and timesaving data administration
    The data administration is not the exclusive duty of the federation anymore, but it can be handled together with clubs and players in a more efficient and team-oriented way. Due to the online availability the data can be viewed and edited parallelly. An explicit timestamp is added to all registration and payment activities.


  • Central club management with registration & events
    With only one user interface you can easily manage all addresses, appointments and the whole player registration. Owing to the integrated response system you always stay on top of things and you can carry out your administrative tasks easier and much more efficient.


  • Faciliation of the daily management routines
    There is a new set of jerseys with new numbers available?
    You need to postpone a game?
    A player has a new portrait photo?
    “myTeam” offers a neat and web based user interface, which helps to finish all these tasks within a few minutes while conforming to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Team management
  • Player management
  • Registration management and licensing
  • Transfer cards
  • Player transfers and loan agreements
  • Historical overview of all players
  • Support of national teams (“national team module”)
  • Module for game postponements
  • Module for game invitations
  • Support of various documents (roster list, application for exemption, …)
  • Freely configurable input masks and required fields
  • Uploads and management of documents
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As with all solutions of hockeydata you can also combine the “myTeam” system with other modules such as:

  • e-grep
  • m-grep
  • myTeam
  • data:board display systems

In this way all solutions and modules can show the full scope of performance.