e-grep for ice hockey

Flexible time input

Especially in the junior and tournament section the duration and number of periods vary. Due to the flexible structure of e-grep you can display all possible variants of periods, for example 2×15 minutes, 3×10 minutes or a 3-minute overtime!
It is also possible to customize this setting for each game individually, so that you can easily react to various situations (more time for finals, unexpected delays, …).
e-grep also eases the data input by an automatic game time calculator: whether the clock counts in ascending or descending order, you simply enter the actual time and the system records the correct time designation according to the rule set in the document automatically.

Simultaneous multi-user data input

A main feature is the ability to link any number of devices together to allow concurrent data acquisition by several statisticians simultaneously. This way you can have any number of statisticians sitting side-by-side or spread throughout the stands, offering you maximum accuracy when entering the current game situation.
All changes automatically synchronize with all other connected devices allowing the statisticians to focus on specific areas or players.

Support of customizable rule sets for game and penalty settings

All game related data can be interpreted using any “set of rules” (such as international rule sets, women’s hockey, kid’s tournaments, …). For this reason, all styles and specific game characteristics are perfectly supported.

  • Easy data acquisition – professional output
    e-grep impresses with a full electronic data input via an easy-to-use computer program that supports different international game report styles as well as parallel input terminals. On basis of the game report data the system compiles flexible analyses on the highest international level – with full support for the live operation!


  • Support of regional and national characteristics
    e-grep integrates regional and national conditions or requirements directly via representing these processes in the logic of the user interface. Our software supports the scorekeeper perfectly due to the familiar method of data entry. Moreover, various error control and comfort functions support the daily usage in complex game situations


  • Usage of existing infrastructure
    As a result of low system requirements e-grep can be installed on every conventional computer or notebook with Windows operation system. So the already existing infrastructure of your club or association can be shared on very low costs. In case of a hardware defect the operation of e-grep (with a built-in security-crypting system for game-reports) can be continued quickly on a replacement notebook – another feature that contributes towards fail safety.

  • Live and/or post-game data input
  • Integrated and automatic live scoring
  • Parallel input via multiple terminals
  • End-to-end integration of various capturing terminals (shots, faceoffs, goals, penalties, …)
  • Printing of the game report at any time (even during the game)
  • Supports national and international guidelines and standards
  • Supports additional reports for special game events
  • Supports specifically customized forms
  • High performance
  • Intuitive operating
  • Game time-, penalty- and shootout-assistant
  • Automatic error checking
  • Automatic calculation of complex data (such as goalie saves)
  • Multilingual input and results
  • Support of various jersey sets
  • Operation also without steady internet connection
  • Download of game reports and rosters in advance
  • Supports referee authentification
  • Supports game report confirmation via pin code
  • Integrated game clock optional
  • Connection to other hockeydata modules and external timing systems (Omega, Tissot, …) possible

There are no certain requirements for the usage of “e-grep”.

Every common office computer (notebook, tablet, PC) with a Windows 10 (or 7) operating system is suitable for the use.

“e-grep” requires no special installation. If necessary, you can start the program directly from an USB flash drive.