The statistic system “Live.Online Statistics” (short: LOS) is an extensive sports database for the professional administration of team sports. LOS was specially developed for organizers and managers of tournaments and leagues. Due to single modules LOS can be customized to special demands perfectly.

The core of the statistic management is an intelligent modular system which includes all features required in the management of games, starting from compiling the game modus up to listing career stats of several years or player suspension.

LOS generates an automatic presentation of all results and statistics on every required web platform. In this way the customer receives a complete website with all information or can optionally integrate single statistical elements as widgets into the own website (customized to the look and feel of the website via CSS). Additionally all data is provided as a clean data feed (JSON/XML) via a documented interface in real time.

The „intelligent“ sports database is the core of Live.Online.Statistics and covers the main task of the managing all games, teams and players. With help of the flexible system kit you can portray any game mode flexibly, various options enable the fine tuning of precisely those parameters, that are most important for your tournament or event. Specific settings can be configured for the whole league or even for each game individually. Different authorization levels allow the editing and management of data via several users at the same time.

  • 70% reduction of administrative expense
    LOS helps with an extensive automation of recurring processes and optimises their processing time considerably. Even complex and urgent tasks can be done on a minimal time exposure. Thanks to flexibly definable analysis (for example for web, print and television) there is no manual postprocessing or arranging necessary.


  • ‘Ready-2-play’ tournament packages
    hockeydata offers special tournament packages for every level, no matter if you are an amateur or a professional. These packages distinguish themselves by quick provision (24 h) and a low operating expense – only a computer with internet access is required to administer a whole tournament. All analysis and statistics are available online after the end of the tournament.


  • A variety of sports and game modes
    LOS enables the visualization of every kind of sport or sport modus because of an integrated “modular construction system”. By the help of this system you can set up groups, series, bonus points, game time, relegation zone, etc. for each game and each group individually.


  • Easy data acquisition – professional output
    LOS offers full electronic data input via an easy-to-use computer program that supports different international game report styles as well as parallel input terminals. All data is converted into detailed score sheets and reports complying with international standards.


  • Website integration and interfaces
    All data calculated by LOS is provided via state-of-the-art interfaces to all conceivable fields of application. Whether you want to choose from our library of fully customizable WordPress-widgets or use the data stream optimized for mobile technologies – the required interfaces (including an extensive documentation) are ready for use.


  • Multilingual operation
    hockeydata takes care of regional and international differences by supporting the local variants of game reports and score sheets. We regard the capability of multilingual results and score sheets as a matter of course.


  • Full linkage to the „myTeam“ registration system
    If you use the LOS statistic system together with the “myTeam” player registration system, you enjoy the full scope of services provided by hockeydata. All statistically relevant data is automatically synchronised from the registration system to the LOS system. The whole data management can easily be done from one place centrally and reconciled with other relevant systems (game officials, game reports, media partners, websites, forms, security, …).


  • Livestream integration
    You can add the integration of highlights and livestreams to the display of the games on your website. Flexible buttons, which redirect you to the stream and videos of each game, can easily be integrated into every displaying mode (e.g. carrousel) of the game day. Moreover, you can time the visibility of the button (e.g. you can only see the button during a certain period).

  • Full support of tournaments and leagues
  • Support of junior leagues
  • Multi-seasonal statistics and hall-of-fames
  • Complete season scheduler
  • Complete player management
  • Complete management of careers
  • Detailed management of player’s  suspension including suspension automatism
  • Support of alternative game schedules
  • Supports every game mode
    – Supports groups, intermediate rounds and playoffs
    – Supports “best-of-series”
    – Support of conferences
    – Flexible construction kit for any rules and schedules (e.g. youth games)
    – Overtime/Shootouts
    – Variable number of periods
    – Customizable period lengths for each game
    – Customizable points for victory/draw/overtime-victory/overtime-loss
    – Customizable sort order with ‘direct encounter’ support
  • Support of highly customizable calculation settings (e.g. “October” standings table)‘Who is hot’ and ‘Who is not’ analyses
  • Multilingual input and results
  • High performance
  • Online access for worldwide availability
  • Easy integration of player images, team logos, etc.
  • Digital player licenses for referees – identity check via smartphone
  • Support of farm teams, team cooperations and “goalie pools”
  • Venue management

  • Special Support of WordPress CMS
    Each calculation generated by LOS can be integrated into any website as a freely available WordPress Widget with only a few mouse clicks. There is no need to enter a line of HTML code, the widget control offers a corresponding list box for all options.


  • Easy integration into your own website
    In case you don’t want or you cannot to use the WordPress widgets, you can also integrate the widgets with the help of short codes or a few lines of HTML and combine them with sponsor logos or advertising banners. The website stays constantly up to date without any action of the webmaster, because the integrated elements update automatically.


  • Open data interface technology
    All LOS generated data can be accessed via an easy-to-access and always available interface (JSON/XML). This allows third parties such as websites, apps or media partners to integrate real-time statistics into their own applications and broadcasts with minimal expenditure of work.
    Moreover you have of course the possibility to combine LOS with all other software solutions of hockeydata such as:
    – e-grep
    – m-grep
    – myTeam
    – data:board display systems
    In this way all solutions and modules can show the full scope of performance.